question the narrative

An exploration of the summer of 2020s BLM activity and the response the movement organization received.

VCD Capstone Identity

An umbrella identity and website built to house my graduating design classes senior projects.

Lake Champlain Chocolates

A logo and package redesign making for a more exciting experience.

My Favorite Song

A visualization of our human connection to music no matter how different we are.

Marlboro CBD

A what-if Marlboro switched to selling CBD cigarettes instead? What if they never sold tobacco in the first place?

South End Identity

The systems thinking development of a visual identity for the South End of Burlington, VT. 

LemonHead Lemonade

A reconceptualization of the classic LemonHead candies. Now with a new thrilling mascot that really embodies the sour flavor,

Visual Metaphor

Going from verbal to visual. A four-part piece that communicates a metaphor in a progressively visual manner.

Black Rose Studio

A visual identity and site for an urban recording studio seeking new talent.

B Side