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My Favorite Song


The brief for this project was to take multiple separate voices and combine them to create a new conceptual message. The goal was to communicate something beyond what the text reads and create an experience out of this communication rather than just a quick read.


For this project, I chose to combine a compilation of songs to illustrate the way we as humans can universally connect to music. We may come from vastly different societies, regions, cultures, whatever you want to call it, but almost everyone has a favorite song. In this publication, I took popular songs, within American culture, from a variety of different music genres and created a visual representation that reflects the meaning or theme of the songs. I thought about how we can be incredibly different people but still relate to the same themes. As time moves on musicians will continue to create new music for new generations, but so many of the messages and emotions have been replicated throughout history. While we might not have the same favorite song, I'm sure we each have a goto song when we want to remember home or someone we miss, or when we need to be motivated. 


Each spread represents a different theme or emotion. I think some are more successful than others, however, each song still does reflect its partner. My thinking was how would these songs look? What color and shapes relay that emotion? How can I convey the tempo of each song in a static image? Are the vocals light or heavy? smooth or grungy?  Clear or distorted?

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