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Capstone Site


Inter_ is the umbrella identity created to house the 2021 Champlain College Visual Communication Design programs Capstone Projects. "inter_" is a prefix for many words meaning "between" and was chosen to represent the connection between all of the students no matter how much distance is between us. 

The inter_ identity is meant to be subtle in order to not overtake the identity of any student's project. It is simply meant to bind and gardener the connection existing between these projects. The logo for the identity was inspired by Aaron Koblin's flight path diagram art, leading us to create a diagram of our own showing the different research lenses each student used during the duration of their project.


I was in charge of designing and creating the website using HTML and CSS within WordPress so that the student projects could be shared during the Covid-19 Pandemic in lieu of holding the traditional VCD Capstone show. For this, the design team and I thought it would be nice to have everyone's page set up similarly with options for different project types. This led to me creating a template with an explanation of what each block of each page would consist of.


Each student's page provides an opportunity for a verbal explanation of the project, a description of their process, challenges faced, and success found while conducting research and developing design solutions. Pages also include feature shots of each project's primary outcomes, showing the final design solutions to come out of weeks of research.


Each page ends with a 3D flipbook presenting any publications and process books created, and student contact information. Here you can find students' email, portfolio site, Instagram, and more if you have any questions or would like to connect with the designer.

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