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Black Rose Studio


Black Rose Studio is an artificial business that I developed a simple branding package for.
This includes a logo, color scheme, chosen typefaces, some brand guidelines, and possible webpage layouts.

Black Rose Studio is meant to be a professional recording establishment for up and coming artists. This is meant to be the turning point in individuals' careers where they go from a local artist to a skilled musician, a true master of their craft in every sense. Black Rose wants to elevate individuals by providing them with the proper equipment, space, guidance, and promotion they need to be the next big star. 

Primarily seeking to attract younger artists with a
more urban sound, however, Black Rose welcomes any and all who would like to take the next step in their music career.




Combining imagery of a rose and microphone the logo captures the sleek, sharp, and professional ambiance provided within the Black Rose studio itself. Presented here are both black and white variants (black being used as the 1 color option), a 2 color option, and then the 3 color version which would be considered the primary logo mark. I also created an enhanced version of the logo that would appear on merchandise, presentations, and any other highly defined opportunities. The rose icon is usable with or without the text below it and is meant to be more memorable, dynamic, and intriguing.




2 Color

3 Color

Asset 7.png
Asset 6.png
Asset 5.png
Asset 4.png


The font chosen for the logo reflects Black Rose's sophisticated nature, almost scholarly when it comes to music. This is hinted at by the sharp serifs commonly associated with scholarly writings. It also pairs nicely with the angular mark the text is frequently paired with.

The primary font chosen by Black Rose is
"Ashby Bold", as it matches the modern, urban, technologically advanced aesthetic of the Black Rose Studios. Different variants may be used, but most commonly seen will be the bold and regular versions.

Asset 2.png
Asset 1.png

Color Palette

Asset 3.png

Website Layouts


Concept 1

The first concept shown uses red almost monochromatically aesthetically tieing every page together. The home page would include a large image slideshow giving the potential client a view of what the studio is like. All photos would be treated with a similar red filter.

Pages like the contact page are meant to not overwhelm the individual. It allows you to contact the studio and that is it, no unneeded additional text or pop-ups. Just a clean slate that allows an individual to think clearly while they craft a message initiating the next step of their career. The only element other than the text entry box allowed here is a background image treated with the Black Rose signature red filter, meant to inspire musicians and embody their aspiration to have their music heard.

Pages with more information are meant to be set up simply, and in a way that allows you to navigate through the site naturally. This is done by pairing items to simplify the navbar in the header section. When you click on one thing in the navbar, any related items will appear in the menu on the left. This menu allows people to clearly tell which page they are on and gives quick access to the page they would naturally be interested in next.


Concept 2

The second concept takes a much more minimal approach to the site's navigation. All the information can really be found on one page, once you click on one of the main menu options the background image blurs and all the necessary information arises from the bottom, note that some of these menu items may contain multiple options.

This site captures the simplicity of working with Black Rose Studios and allows a potential client to get a sense of the aesthetic Black Rose is promoting.

The entire site is meant to capture the same tone as the first concept just in a boiled down express like fashion. This site would provide a little more mystery and curiosity than the first concept, allowing the clients imagination to run wild with the possibility going forward.

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