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Lemonhead Lemonade

The concept behind this project was simple, create interesting packaging for a beverage. I decided to rebrand the classic Lemonhead candy as a new lemonade soft drink packaged in cans. This presented itself as a fun opportunity to resign the Lemonhead mascot and brand elements, bringing them into the modern era. 


I thought about who might drink this product and what would make them want more. Being a sugary drink, children are the most likely to be drawn to this product and so that is who I decided to market it for just like the classic candy. Things I considered to contribute to this concept were the color palette needing to be bright and attractive, the mascot needing the by funny or silly, and it needs to emit energy. While surely many parents wouldn't be thrilled about their kid consuming a sugary drink that's going to make them hyper, surely plenty either won't care or don't mind providing their child with such a treat.

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